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Architecture and Engineering
Our service include everything from architectural rendering to layout to process development to factoring to dialogue to team development to implementation plan. Simple and effective are the key words to our results. Below are just a few examples of our services.

crude versus sigma designs.002

Lane Design

A sigma design has many options. Using science and our approach will build you an effective operation. The advantages of Sigma operations are huge plus it is the low cost model. The crude model can be efficient but the sigma design provides an vast array of management option plus a fantastic customer experience all while providing the low cost model.

WA with boeing.001



Walkabouts build the process and provides the medium for communicating every detail. We can take a voluminous procedure manual and make it into an effective agent tool. Factoring is the mechanism of bringing order and structure to chaos

Storage Post Layoiut ver B



The center and workstation layout builds a work environment for is coaching and ergonomics.


2015 Small business Lines of Defense

Architectural Rendering



The architectural rendering provides the view of the center future state.





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