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Mgmt 301 Division of Labor and Decision Violations

The class covers the Second Principle (Division of labor, physical, functional, and decision types. This class explains how violating division of labor will lead to disaster. This class uses the chapters 3 from the book, Optimize your Operation. Sometime knowing what not to do is key. We will cover the three division of labor violations: no thought to capability, forced capability, and poor productivity. This course will explain how this applies in a call center world.

Adam Smith Today

Adam Smith’s revolutionary books and concepts have changed the world. This section give a little of the history of division of labor and how it applies today’s businesses.

Wealth of Nations

Division of Labor – Decisions

This module explains the concept of division of mental labor and decision type structure. We will explain the three types of decisions and how violating them will create chaos.

Division Of labor – Violation 1

!st Violation in Call Centers

More Call Center Violation Examples

Division Of labor – Violation 2

Division Of labor – Violation 2 in Call Centers

Division Of labor – Violation 3

Division Of labor – Violation 3 in Call Centers

Violation summary