Abbott Associates

David Eckhoff

Ronald David Eckhoff, Director of Future Education Methods

Eckhoff IMG_20151208_115755_394 croppedMr Eckhoff was recognized by industry partners as the Educator of the Year in 2008. Eckhoff’s career has been built on the design, development and administration of adult education methods. His professional goals have been concentrated on improving the delivery of education to working adult students. He has been published in the Continuing Education Directors Handbook and written numerous articles on adult education. He administered various educational outreach grants and contracts. His experience as teacher and administrator has allowed him to bring a progressive prospective to approaching the challenges of the rapidly changing field of education.
He has been involved in several ground breaking advancements in adult education. With Auburn University in the early 1980’s, he partnered with Abbott Associates to deliver a mobile Personal Computer Training Program that took PC training directly to any location with mobile computer classrooms conducting classes for thousands of students using a small fleet of vans and motivated instructors.

At the University of Arizona the use of synchronized distance methods was implemented to deliver masters degree courses directly to corporate employees in homes and company meeting rooms. David worked with James Abbott in developing the state of the art on-demand method for delivering knowledge and education. James Abbott’s graduate course on Financial Management for Technician Professionals became the prototype for engineering distance education at the University of Arizona. With a modular design they were able to take this as a base course and convert it to Financial Management for the Call Center Professional.

RD eckhoff IMG_20151208_115821_515 croppedEckhoff has over 29 years experience in managing and implementing educational systems. His strengths are in organizational behavior, training, process control and the design, implementation and use of educational and information management systems.