Abbott Associates

AT&T Wireless


Combining cost savings and better service

AT&T Wireless is a leader in the mobile communication industry. Wireless’s one rate plan revolutionized the industry creating explosive growth. The Abbott Associates team was tasked with four projects to build an infrastructure to handle this growth:

  • Restructure the IT help desk and conduct process engineering
  • Install a metric dashboard system
  • Modify the transactional cost management system used by the tactical workforce
  • Implement provisioning and IT asset management

Through a concentrated effort, the work was completed in just one year, using only four Abbott Associates employees and four Wireless employees. Operating costs were reduced by 30%. Wait times were reduced from 45 minutes to pick-up by the third ring. And there was 80% improvement on successfully resolved calls. All of this was implemented while the business grew almost 50%–revenues increased from $7 billion to $11 billion.

Click on the letter below and read about one of the projects. Read the below letter from John Washburn Director of Project Delivery and his explanation of the help desk transformation.