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An effective operation must be built on a foundation of science and principles. With this foundation there are three knowledge areas: design, metrics, and management. The key to an effective operation is the minimization of variability or Sigma. Designing and managing to reduce variability is called a Six Sigma Program.

The methods for building, designing, and managing an effective call center are like the laws of physics—they are incontrovertible axioms. Though Abbott Associates did not invent science, we did pioneer the application of science to a field that all too often relies solely on “soft skills.”

3 know big

Design is built for simple operation and minimal variation.

Metrics provides the eyes and ears for effective decisions.

Management will dynamically exert control over the operation.


2013-01-31 11.59.49The products and services that businesses provide are changing dramatically; over the last several decades, the pace of this change has increased in dramatic proportions. Many companies are attempting to organize and run their business like it was 10 years ago or 20 or even 30 ago. New and more effective tools are required to keep up. These tools apply to all operations and must be based on good solid principles and science that form a solid foundation.

Abbott Associates is your Resource for developing and teaching these science based methods.