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Agent Curriculum

The Agent Curriculum prepares one to become an effective agent of the tactical workforce. The curriculum is intended for individuals who are preparing themselves to become agents or be a better agent. These courses are appropriate for call center agents, help desk representatives, and support center technicians.

The Agent’s curriculum includes the following classes:

Course Number




Understanding 21st Century Call Centers and Help Desks



Understanding what is in it for THE AGENT



You are part of a High Performance Team



Agent Responsibilities and tools



Continuous Improvement


Narratives from the agent classes are below:


AGT101   Understanding 21st Century Call Centers and Help Desks
This course starts by explaining the goal which will impact your day to day operation. To appreciate the current state of call center operations understanding call center history is important. This history will help you understand the difference between efficient versus effective operation and which you must strive for. You will understand the center’s architecture and how you fit. This course will explain the impact of variability on you and the center and how to deal with it.

AGT102   Understanding what is in it for THE AGENT
This class will explain where you, the agent, fits into the big picture. You will understand business, product, and process life cycles and how these life cycles impact you. You will understand how a robust call center design is important to you.

AGT121   You are part of a High Performance Team
This course explains teams and the components of a winning team. We will explain the components of a winning call center team and where you (the Agent) fit. An overview of your agent tools and their background will be covered.

AGT122   Agent Responsibilities and tools
We will explain the need for building a call center base camp and how it impacts everyone in the center. We will cover the complete package of agent tools (Dialogue, Walkabouts, Factor tables) in detail which will include their purpose and use.

AGT123   Continuous Improvement
We will explain how you, the agent, is going to be graded and what is a realistic agent score. You will understand that we are building a platform for continuous improvement and where the agent fits in this effort.