Abbott Associates

Ron Parker

Ron Parker – Senior Business Analyst and Technology Director

Ron joined the Abbott team in 1987. During these early years with the team, Ron taught hundreds of classes for administrative, engineering, financial and management personnel in both government and private enterprise. Ron’s portfolio of classes included: statistical analysis, quality improvement techniques, project management, and the design and deployment of databases.  As the Abbott organization moved into customer service and call center consulting, Ron began to specialize in decision support, telephony and ticketing based metrics, and business simplification (“factoring”) techniques.

DCP03522 copy croppedRon is an expert in Technology, Systems Architecture, and Decision Support, and has the ability to mine critical distinctions and actionable ideas from data, reports, and statistics to positively impact decisions and behavior. He has extensive experience in automated (web/IVR) and agent-based customer support and call center operations and information technology infrastructure.  He is the resident expert on scheduling strategies, telephony, and cloud computing. His consulting activities include: strategic and tactical business metric planning, utilization improvement, increasing production from “maximum capacity” processes. Ron is the author of two books on business operations improvement and tactical management.