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Supervisory Curriculum

The Supervisory Curriculum prepares one to manage an effective team. The curriculum is intended for individuals who are currently working in supervisory role or who are preparing themselves to become supervisors. These courses are appropriate for operational supervisors, lead or tactical managers.

The Supervisory curriculum includes the following classes:

Course Number



The Goal


The Science of the Sigma Call Center


A winning Call Center Team


Requirements for a Winning Team


Proactive Supervision


Managing your TEAM


Auditing and Scoring a Call


Coaching and mentoring your Team

Narratives about the supervisor curriculum classes are below:


SUP151   The Goal
The class explains the three components of the goal. You will also understand their interaction and how to keep them in balance. The history of call center evolution will clarify why variability is a key driver.

SUP152   The Science of the Sigma Call Center
This course explains what drives wait time. You will understand the difference between efficient and effective. A sigma call center design will be explained so you as the supervisor can know where to place your focus. This course will explain the impact of variability on you and the center. You will understand what you and cannot do to deal with the operations variability.

SUP161   A Winning Call Center Team
This course will explain what makes a winning team. You will have clarity of where you and your agents fit in overall plan.

SUP162   Requirements for a Winning Team
To win certain components are required and will define the winning team. You will understand what they are and what they do, The agent’s tools will be explained as the basics to coaching your team.

SUP163   Proactive Supervision
Learning how to proactively avoid problems is key to becoming an effective supervisor. This class will start with an everyday issue and develop the proactive supervision of an effective call center team.

SUP164   Managing your TEAM
This class will explain the operational philosophy and how to become an effective manager of your team. Equally important you will also know and understand what not to do.

SUP171   Call Scoring
This class will explain the tools for auditing and scoring a call. You will learn an objective method to scoring calls. this method allows repeat and reproduce your call scores so that the agent is given consistent advice. This class will explain the philosophy behind the scoring. You will understand how to execute cause and effect analysis so that you can coach your team on the problem not the symptom.

SUP181   Coaching and mentoring your Team
This class will show you how to set the stage for effective coach that will allow your team to grow and improve. You will understand methods for making your team the best.

Personal Learning Center Supervisor’s curriculum

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